No Digging Ground Screw range

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Every No Digging ground screw has been especially designed to handle extreme weather conditions which our country can experience in the winter season. We have several models available in various lengths and sizes, depending on what needs to be installed, load requirements for the project and the ground where the screws are to be installed.

  • All ground screws are CE-Marked and approved
  • Ground screws are made of steel – ISO 630 Fe 360A
  • Their surface is galvanised to DIN EN ISO 1461

1. Adapter Screws

W : 68 mm  |  H : 1210 mm

2. Pipe Screws

W : 89 mm  |  H : 870 mm

3. Post Screws

W : 68 mm | H : 940 & 1200 mm

4. Beam Screws

W : 68 mm | H : 910 & 1210 mm

1. Adapter Screws

Adapter ground screws are designed for structures that require an accurate and solid foundation. They are created with a mounting plate which is adjustable sideways dependant on your requirements.

Available Sizes and Specifications

Adapter Screws
Length mm865mm1200mm
Pressure Force (Rd.c)6.0 kN12.5 kN
Tension Force (Rd.t)4.5 kN6.5 kN
Horizontal Force (Rd.h)2.5kN 4.5 kN

Ideal uses for Adapter Ground Screw :

Temporary buildings

Event stands

Storage containers

2. Pipe Screws

Pipe ground screws are used for installing steel pipes inside screws, where the steel pipe is locked within the pipe screw using bolts which is ideal for installations such as traffic signs.

Available Sizes and Specifications

Pipe Screws
Length mm865mm1200mm
Pressure Force (Rd.c)10.5 kN25 kN
Tension Force (Rd.t)5.5 kN12.5 kN
Horizontal Force (Rd.h)3.0 kN5.5 kN

Ideal uses for Pipe Ground Screw :

Park bench

Traffic signs

Advertising boards

3. Post Screws

Post ground screws are used for installing posts or fences into the ground. These are typically used for applications that require strong upright support, such as gates, fencing and barriers.

Available Sizes and Specifications

Post Screws
Length mm940mm1200mm
Pressure Force (Rd.c)8.0 kN12.5 kN
Tension Force (Rd.t)5.0 kN6.5 kN
Horizontal Force (Rd.h)3.0 kN4.5 kN

Ideal uses for Post Ground Screw :



Rubbish bins

4. Beam Screws

Beam ground screws are ideal for timber frame construction and garden applications such as decking, garden rooms or patios. The screw is used for installing horizontal joists or beams which for example, the decking is constructed.

Available Sizes and Specifications

Beam Screws
Length mm910mm1210mm
Pressure Force (Rd.c)10.5 kN12.5 kN
Tension Force (Rd.t)5.5 kN6.5 kN
Horizontal Force (Rd.h)3.5 kN4.5 kN

Ideal uses for Beam Ground Screw :

Timber frame construction

Garden rooms


Recycle Galvanised Steel

Our ground screws are Environmentally friendly, Reusable and made from 70% Recycled Galvanised Steel. 

Our Ground Screws

ground screws range

Faster & Cheaper

Our ground screws are 70% faster and cheaper to assemble then normal ground digging.

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