We Have the ability to work on a supply only basis or a supply and build basis to suit the individual customers needs and requirements. We can offer in house design and engineering services as well. This system can be used on  projects of various sizes from individual builds, to housing estates , schools, care homes , apartments and so on.  With Steel Frame Buildings being the Manufacturer direct we can offer the best possible prices and delivery times.

Not only is Steel frame more durable than alternative products it is also competitive in price.  The  build, the system comes into its own when the site work begins , due to the light weight panels the need for costly on site lifting equipment is massively reduced, the ability to supply the site with product as and when they are  required also saves on site space and can help reduce damaged or stolen materials. Not being effected by rain and snow is just another of the benefits of steel frame apposed to the more traditional timber products used currently.

With steel being the most recycled product on the planet and concrete being the most harmful product to produce, steel is the way forward for a greener Planet.

If you would like to visit the Factory to see the machines capabilities we would be more than willing to accommodate you. I would also be happy to offer a quote for any  future projects you may have.

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