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Ground screw foundations specialists

No Digging install ground screw foundations which provide a quicker, cheaper, more efficient and sustainable alternative to concrete foundations.

What is No Digging?

No Digging is a new innovative company specialising in ground screw foundations construction. We are one of the only companies on the market that provides development, supply and installation of ground screw and their associated applications in the UK.

Installation of our ground screws are carried out by our qualified installers in a very efficient process that does not require the need for any digging. We provide new, quick, easy and cost effective foundations for commercial and domestic projects.

What are ground screws?

Ground screws are a quicker, cheaper and a less hassle approach to foundation construction. Ground screws can be installed anywhere you normally dig concrete in an upright post, site or prefabricated concrete support.

They can be used for mounting everything from decking and fences, smaller buildings, traffic signs through to larger construction applications such as single storey garden buildings, garages, conservatories and advertising boards. Other areas of application are park benches, bicycle parking racks, bins and playground equipment.

Future of modern foundation construction.

This approach to modern ground screw foundations construction shows more respect for the natural environment than current methods do. The soil remains unsealed, so foundations can be removed cleanly and without hassle. No Digging ground screws not only compliment the natural environment, but also present an entirely new, efficient, time and cost saving construction process for any project.

This fast and straightforward foundation method provides each project with high quality at low cost. It ecologically and economically out-performs previous building practices.

With the assistance of our practical handheld installation driver and equipment, our ground screws are super quick to install with total precision. Suitable for all soil types even on hill sides.

Our ground screws are Environmentally friendly, Reusable and made from 70% Recycled Galvanised Steel.

Recycle Galvanised Steel

Our ground screws are Environmentally friendly, Reusable and made from 70% Recycled Galvanised Steel. 

Our Ground Screws

No Digging Ground Screws Range

Faster & Cheaper

Our ground screws are 70% faster and cheaper to assemble then normal ground digging.

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