Multiple Applications

No Digging Ground Screws can be installed in many different applications, from ground screws for decks, garden buildings, timber frames and much more!

How Ground Screws Can Be Used

Ground screws for decks, garden buildings, advertising, signage, playground equipment, temporary buildings and much more!


From ground screws for decks to larger building site hoardings, installation can take a matter of minutes per ground screw with optimal stability guaranteed. No Digging ground screws offers a new and improved solution for creating foundations for a wide range of applications. The objects and structures that can be mounted on our ground screws can range from park benches and traffic signs to single storey buildings.

The high load capacity of our ground screws and their efficient installation allow architects and building owners to produce a modern, long lasting foundation with clear economic advantages.

No Digging Ground screw are an ideal solution for a range of applications including :


Garden Buildings

No Digging Ground screws are the ideal solution for the installation of garden rooms or buildings of all shapes and sizes. This time and money saving process provides many benefits including:

• No damage to your garden

• Easily dismantled and reusable

• Long term life and stability

• Environmentally friendly



From garden fences to school railings, our ground screws provide a quicker and cheaper alternative to digging a concrete base. With our range of ground screws, we have the perfect screw for the different soil conditions of each job.

• No damage to your garden

• More stable than concrete installation

• Long term life and stability

• Quick and easy installation

Ground screws for decks

Ground screws for Decks

Decking is the perfect feature of your house and garden to give a more modern look. With No Digging, you can save time, money and effort by mounting the deck onto our ground screws.

• Cheaper and quicker installation to concrete

• Gives you more time to build your decking

• Strong, stable and long lasting

• All year round installation



Save time and money, attract new customers and new space with our ground screw solutions. No Digging ground screws are ideal for large and small advertising boards, with installations being easy to dismantle as easily as they were assembled. Ideal for:

• Large and small format advertising

• Advertising boards

• Perimeter advertising

• Flag poles and masts



No Digging ground screws are an ideal solution for highways and rail signage as it is quick and safe to install, minimising risk and traffic management. Our ground screw foundation can be used for a wide range of road traffic signage, including road signs, street signs and motorway signage. Benefits include:

• Strong can stable foundation that can be used straight away
• Quick and easy assembly
• A flexible solution that is easily dismantled and reusable
• Minimal effect on the surrounding area


Building Site Hoardings

No Digging ground screws offer a quick and easy foundation for your building site hoardings. If you want to keep your construction site secure from intruders, having solid structures for your installed hoardings is critical. With our ground screws, we provide a quick and solid foundation for you to assemble your hoardings straight away.

• Strong, stable and long lasting
• Hoardings can be put up straight away after installation
• A flexible solution that is easily dismantled and reusable
• All year round installation


Playground Equipment

Ground screws ensure that children’s parks and community areas are free from concrete, construction and water puddles. With no digging and minimal noise, our ground screw installation is an ideal solution which provides minimum disruption to the park area and the public. This quick and easy process allows immediate mounting of playground equipment, and other applications such as :


• Rubbish bins

• Park gates and fences

• Parking meters and turnstiles

• Tree houses


Containers and Building Construction

The high quality of No Digging Ground screws allow expansive construction projects on a tight schedule. From container buildings to pre-fabricated garages, we have a ground screw solution for the job. Safety and durability is guaranteed, even under extreme loads. Example applications:

• Warehouses

• Transformer stations

• Storage containers

• Pre-fabricated garages


Temporary Buildings

There are a number of applications that will benefit from the speed and accuracy of a No Digging ground screw installation where time is critical. From temporary construction site offices to buildings for events and exhibitions. Example applications include :

• Temporary office buildings

• Event stands

• Exhibition sites

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