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No Digging is a new innovative company specialising in ground screws foundation construction. We are one of the only companies on the market that provides development, supply and installation of ground screw and their associated applications in the UK.

Installation of our ground screws are carried out by our qualified installers in a very efficient process that does not require the need for any digging. We provide new, quick, easy and cost effective foundations for commercial and domestic projects.


No Digging

There is “No Digging” required for your next building project with us. Our installation experts  use specialist machinery to create the foundations for the ground screws.

No Concreting

Avoid mess and hard work as there is no need for concrete to install the ground screws. We simply screw them into the ground which is solid and durable.

No Skips

Our ground screws provide less damage and mess to the surrounding area during the foundation stage, resulting in cost savings where you would normally hire a skip for concrete waste.

Saves Time

Our ground screw installation is usually completed in a few hours, saving valuable time for you to build your project on straight away.

All Weather Installation

Our ground screws can be installed all year round due to their special design which can cope with extreme weather conditions, meaning you can start your project whenever you wish!

Saves You Money

Ground screws are a cheaper and more cost effective solution to foundation construction. This fast and straightforward foundation solution allows high quality at low cost.

Recycle Galvanised Steel

Our ground screws are Environmentally friendly, Reusable and made from 70% Recycled Galvanised Steel. 

Our Ground Screws

ground screws range

Faster & Cheaper

Our ground screws are 70% faster and cheaper to assemble then normal ground digging.

How Ground Screws Can Be Used


Ground Screw installation can take a matter of minutes per ground screw with optimal stability guaranteed. No Digging offers a new and improved solution for creating foundations for a wide range of applications. The objects and structures that can be mounted on our ground screws can range from park benches and traffic signs to single storey buildings.

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